“The Game of Games”

“CharDee MacDennis isn’t just a game, it’s war.” Each team has their own flag and the fate of your game pieces relies on whether or not you are able to out manuever your opponents.  CharDee MacDennis encourages both sides to cheat and berate each other, much like The Game of Thrones. I’m sure if given the opportunity the gang would chop each others heads off and mount them on spikes. When you play the game of Chardee MacDennis, you win or you die.


Of course the Reynolds twins,Lannisters, are always victorious because they have what it takes to smash their opponents. Fierce loyalty, unless  a better option comes along. Don’t underestimate the Rat king and his trusty sellsword, they could get lucky and win one.

The game is based on  three levels mind, body and spirits. First is mind where you have to complete tasks such as puzzles, trivia, jousting. Second is body where you are required to withstand physical pain without flinching. The final round is spirits. This round is filled with berating and humiliation. If you don’t break you win.

Cheating is very important as long as you don’t get caught. If you get caught it’s off with your head. This is much like all the sneaking and back alley deals done at the Red Keep. If you can keep composure while lying straight into your enemy or friend’s face, you’ll go far. “The Capital is filled with liars, every one is better at it than you.” Wise words from the master of deceit, Lord Baelish. He’s the real man of many faces.

It’s not barbaric, there are pre-round breaks where civility reigns. They’re filled with wine, cheese, and classical music. One does want to give the illusion of respect for one’s opponents. Nothing like a little fancy finger food before completely annihilating your opponents. I mean we’re not  The Dothraki.


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