The Heir to the Butt Chair

Apparently the only thing necessary to be a great leader is the right furniture. While the gang all admits that Frank’s chair smells like his butt they are still fighting over who gets the right to sit in it. He who sits on the Iron Throne rules the world. Frank’s chair is not forged from the weapon’s of his enemies, and extremely uncomfortable, but it is dipped in gold.


Frank did decide to retire he wasn’t gored by a boar but still someone has to take over so let’s examine the succession. It’s a tale as old as time the king dies and he has no legitimate heir. He has two blonde twins that he was raising as is own because his whore wife tricked him, sound familiar. Then he has a possible blood son that actually does look like him, brown hair, who is also hanging around. How do you decide? The answer is obvious, drain all of his blood and have it tested.

It’s not going to be easy with the Sheriff of Paddy’s sniffing around and discreetly playing both sides. And by discreet I mean blatantly obvious. He is definitely no Master of Whispers. His lack of attraction to woman means he’s no Little Finger either. I’m not sure where Mac fits in all of this other than his desire to help whichever side is winning. I mean that’s what they would do in Westeros. When the tides turn, murder your allies and jump ship. If you can.

So what would the Lannisters do in this situation? Well if they didn’t have a legitimate heir they would just create one. Enter Franquito. Dennis Reynolds would make a spot on Cersie Lannister. It’s diabolical to use a man you found at the store and get him to pretend to be your illegitimate father’s only living heir. And mind you Franquito can be bought for the price of $5. It’s the perfect crime and Dennis is definately not a sociopath. However, he might just be mad enough to sit upon the throne.


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