“The P.E.T.Y.R System”

Pursue the mother

Escape from the Red Keep and hide her at your wife’s place

Tell everyone you’re her uncle

Yuck, hit on her and then sell her to your enemy

Refuse to separate and go to war with her brother

Clearly Petyr, Little Finger if you’re nasty, has taken a page out of Dennis Reynold’s playbook. His system is effective but the P.E.T.Y.R system sounds more provacative.  He will not give up on his pursuit of the Tully women despite constant rejection. In love with the mom but marries the crazy aunt instead. How creepy is it when he looks deep into Sansa’s eyes, strokes her hair, and confesses his love for her mother. “You sure are purty. Like your momma but younger.” Geez, give it up she is never going to call you Petyr no matter how many times you ask, Lord Baelish.

He is the anti-hero, so desperate to be Sansa’s knight in shining armour that he creates problems for her. Thank the gods she figured it out before he broke into Winterfell and broke her garbage disposal. He did however come to her work and try to win a prize from her booth.  It doesn’t count if you showed up on the battlefield to avenge her from her despicable husband if you were the one who sold her to him in the first place.

At least she didn’t end up with Robin Arryn.  My god that kid just got off of breast milk he is not ready to take a wife. Sword to my head I would have chosen Ramsey over that kid any day. Let’s be honest he does make a remarkable puppet. He’s almost like a real boy.

So Petyr saves the day but Jon Snow is getting all the praise. The White Wolf, King of the North. It’s starting to look like Sansa might not need creepy old uncle Petyr for much longer. I wouldn’t step to Jon Snow while he’s got Lady Mormont on his side. She’s scary.



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